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All About It

What is this all about?

Rhea Lana's, Inc. is an upscale children's consignment event business. We have been operating in the state of Arkansas for more than 14 years. Since 2008, Rhea Lana's has expanded its footprint to more than 80 locations in 25 states. Popular brands are Matilda Jane, Janie and Jack, Gymboree, Hollister, American Eagle, Gap, Baby Lulu, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Cottontail Originals, Pepper Toes, Anavini, Lucky Jeans, Amanda Remembered and Cach Cach. Our most popular toys are Little Tikes outdoor playgrounds, racing car beds, kitchens, doll houses, tool benches, Barbie jeeps, Brio wooden train sets, and American Girl Dolls and accessories. We also carry beautiful nursery furniture and bedding, cradles, car seats, strollers, high chairs, exersaucers and walkers.

Thanks to the consignors who generously choose to donate their unsold items after each sale, we are able to contribute to wonderful organizations that reach out to those in need in our community. We are currently choosing our 2016 recipients!

Tell me again, how does this work?

Rhea Lana's events are twice a year. We accept high quality children's items and maternity clothes. Consignors enter their items into our easy-to-use online system, prepare and price their own items, and make 70 percent of the price of items purchased during the sale. Consignors can check their sales online throughout the week. Checks and unsold items are ready immediately after the sale on pick-up day. We guarantee all items (i.e. if an unsold item is not returned, then we will pay the consignor 70% of the price of that item). If consignors choose, unsold items can be left, and we will donate them to a hand-picked local charities that put them directly in the hands of families in need.

Do you carry only children's clothing?

We also sell children's furniture, nursery bedding and accessories, maternity clothing and nursing accessories and infant equipment (such as strollers, high chairs, car seats, and portable cribs). There are also clean, high quality toys, children's books, video games, costumes/dress-up clothes and sports accessories.

Most consignment stores give 40-50 percent. Why do you give 40-80 percent?

Our consignors are very special to us! We believe our consignors deserve a fair price for their items, and we want each consignor to make the most money possible to benefit their family.

Why do you guarantee each item?

We abide by a simple philosophy, and that is to seek to treat our customers and consignors as we would want to be treated! We value our consignors and the wonderful items that they entrust to us, so we track each item with our unique computerized bar-coding system. Secondly, we know more items will be available to moms on a budget if we are careful with the items in our care. Third, some women are not willing to risk losing some items. By guaranteeing their items, women know they will not suffer a loss.

Consignors know that they can trust us with their high quality items!

Why is your event better than having my own garage sale?

We do most of the work for you! We do all of the marketing, advertising, and we staff the event. You just prepare your items and bring them to the store. You can pick up your check, detailed inventory report and neatly-sorted items on the final day. We'll even have friendly workers there to help you and answer your questions! Plus, you will make a lot more money than you would at a garage sale or consignment store.

Why do you emphasize excellent quality so much?

No one wants to sort through, much less buy, low quality items for their children. It is a time waster for everyone to put worn, stained, out-of-date items on a rack. That's why we insist on accepting only high quality items.

What's new with you?

Available for the first time in the consignment industry, Rhea Lana's is now offering consignors the option of entering their items through your smart phone either by hand or using the VOICE REGOGNITION feature. The new item entry page on the item entry page of our webpage. We are thrilled with this REVOLUTIONARY feature. We know moms are busy and we appreciate your time and energy.... we hope you love this feature as well!!

What kind of control does a consignor have over her items?

The consignor has control over several key factors:
1. She (or he!) selects the price of each item.
2. She chooses whether she will sell some items for half price during the final sale days.
3. She can track the sale of each item on this website, even from her phone.
4. She knows we guaranteed her items against loss. She will either receive payment for it, or she may choose to donate it or retrieve it after the sale.